Big Girl Room

Do you know what this is?


It’s a room without a crib. I know I said Matt and I were in no hurry to move her out of her crib, but apparently she was. After four nights of her crying all night because she was scared, tonight it finally occurred to me to ask her if it would make her happy if we took the crib out of her room. Since she’s been claiming the crib had bats in it and sleeping on her other bed anyway, I figured it made no difference.

She still protested going to bed tonight because she was scared of bats, but we will see if this makes any difference.

And with absolutely no prompting on my part, she informed me that we need to go to IKEA and buy a new bed. “Yes, Mama, IKEA has beds!” I think she has one of those toddler beds in mind and she’ll be disappointed when I get her a boring twin frame.