How to Keep a Kid in a Public Restroom Stall

So, I don’t know if you have this problem, but I have this problem so now that I have discovered the solution to it, I am going to share it.  I suspect that most of you do not have this problem.

So, let’s say (hypothetically, of course) that you and your small child need to use a public restroom.  Let’s also say that you have a very difficult time getting your small child to keep the stall door closed while you are otherwise engaged.  Because locks are fun and look, Mama, I can do it myself!

So here is what you do.  Have the small child use the restroom first.  This is prudent anyway, as small children have low patience and small bladders.  Then, when the small child is finished, set them on the floor again and (groundbreaking discovery alert!) do not pull their pants up.  Leave them to wobble around the stall while you take your turn.  There isn’t enough room for them to really take more than a few steps, so the odds of them falling over aren’t high.  And the novelty of being pants-less is enough to distract them from playing with that ever so enticing lock.  “Mama, what is the matter with my skiates? (That would be tights, but it sounds much closer to skates.) This is too silly!”


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