Friday Night Leftovers- Sushi Edition

  • Matt is going out after work with a friend tonight.  It’s too late for Elizabeth to be out so we are going to stay home and order some sushi to go.  I am going to splurge on the lobster tempura roll and I am seriously excited.
  • I also have a cobbler in the oven.  Sadly, I didn’t have blackberries and I didn’t feel like going out to get blackberries, so I used strawberries instead.  I don’t know how well that is going to work, but I’ve made this cobbler before (with blackberries) and it was one of the greatest things I have ever eaten.  So it can’t go too far wrong with strawberries.
  • It’s the Pioneer Woman’s Blackberry Cobbler #1.  Excellent and quite easy.  And if you are like me and you don’t have self rising flour, the internet can provide a substitution.
  • Every time Matt goes out for something and I don’t, I always intend to Get So Many Things Done! while he is gone.  And then I end up sitting around and looking at the internet.  Tonight I will probably do that and eat cobbler.  But I do intend to Get So Many Things Done!
  • Elizabeth is sleeping a little better.  She’s still waking up two-ish times per night, but she is going back to sleep more easily.  And she’s not screaming in fear when she wakes up, but kind of just crying because that is what she does now.  So I see the light at the end of this sleep deprived tunnel.  After she gets a little further away from the fear, I’ll lay some smack down about sleeping all night again.
  • The cable guy came today (actually, we have satellite, so I suppose he was really the satellite guy) and while he was working on the problem, I finished all my mending.  That I hadn’t done in more than a year.  Oops.  That was some serious procrastination.  One shirt was one that Elizabeth ripped LAST winter.  This winter is practically over.
  • How do you deal with repair people in the house?  I don’t leave them alone (I didn’t before, but my mom walked in on a plumber going through her medicine cabinet, so now I REALLY don’t leave them alone) but I don’t follow them around either.  This guy was working in our bedroom, so I stayed in the bedroom the whole time.  But when he had to go to his truck, I waited in the bedroom and he went back and forth to the front door by himself.
  • Oh my goodness, this baking cobbler smells so good.  Check Twitter, I am sure I will end up putting a picture on Twitter when it is finished.
  • And where are all my Twitter spam followers coming from lately?  For serious, I am under attack.
  • Have I mentioned how excited I am about this sushi tonight?

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