I have a question for you tonight.  If you have a spouse or significant other, do you like their name?  Did you like it when you first met them or did it grow on you?

I’ve always wondered what would be different about Matt if he hadn’t been named Matt.  Matt was actually the first male child in his family to be named something else for a very long time.  I believe he was supposed to be FamilyName the 17th.  Yes, the 17th.  Or something like that.  (And this is a story I’ve been told, I have no idea if it has been exaggerated.  I do know that his dad and his grandfather both had this name.)  Matt’s dad never liked his own name though and decided (as I am told this story, decided in the hospital) that he just couldn’t do that to a baby.  And I am glad because I always liked the name Matt and this FamilyName is one that I don’t particularly like.

So what do you think of your spouse’s name?