Carly Simon

The problem with being a public blogger now (as opposed to someone who blogs anonymously or secretly) is that whenever I reference something, everyone thinks it is about them.  Most often, this happens when I complain on Twitter about not being able to be snarky about something because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.  Here’s the thing.  I don’t ever post about anything, even in disguise, if the person I am writing about might ever read it.  And I assume that everyone I know is reading.  And yes, sadly, this takes away a bunch of stories that are Really Good.  Like this was this one mom I know who wrote this thing on Facebook…

See?  I simply do not do it.  The one that got me so many “well, obviously it is about me” responses on Twitter wasn’t about any of those people.  It was actually about someone that I am nearly positive has never even been on the internet, let alone my blog or Twitter account.  But just in case, I didn’t write about it.  I don’t tell stories that aren’t my stories to tell, even if they aren’t particularly embarrassing or anything.  That’s why I don’t really tell Matt stories here or stories about my family.  You occasionally get funny side stories or descriptions of what I have been up to with these people, but I don’t go into any more depth than that.

So you can relax.  I am not writing about you.  I promise.