Friday Night Leftovers- The Return of the Sushi

  • Just like last week, Matt isn’t going to be home for dinner, so I got Japanese.  Soooo good.  I went with a California roll and some vegetable tempura.  This was one of the best dinners I have had for a while.
  • The lobster roll from last week was a bit of a disappointment.  It was good, but it wasn’t so good that it was worth paying more than twice what I normally pay for sushi.  It was a lobster tempura roll and the only tempura part of it were some tempura bits sprinkled on the top of the roll.  The lobster was kind of a lobster salad and there was too much mayonnaise in that.  Jonna, you will have to tell me if that was your lobster roll experience too.
  • Our neighbor is getting more home improvements done.  (New roof or new siding? I’ve lost track.)  She’s been at this for weeks now.  I am getting really tired of all the noise and construction vehicles parked blocking my mailbox and part of my driveway.  The dogs are always barking at the noise too.  And since we don’t let them bark outside, as soon as they start up, I have to go make them come inside.  Her home repairs are getting to be a huge annoyance for me.
  • I babysat a neighbor kid today and it was actively easier than having Elizabeth home alone.  They played together for a really long time and I made a blackberry cobbler.  (Yes, I know this is practically the same post as last Friday.  Except last Friday, it was a strawberry cobbler.)  They had a few moments of squabble, but that is to be expected and it blew through quickly.
  • Sudoku on my phone has become my go-to time killer.  I have played an embarrassing number of games.  (Let’s see, it has a stat keeper- oh my goodness- 1,163 games.)
  • I fully intend to return all my emails tonight after Elizabeth goes to bed.  I think I said this before too.  But I am terribly behind on email.  Again.  That seems to be my natural state lately.

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