The Day of Aquarium

And yes, Dibits and I did start out the day by singing that over and over.

Our aquarium was having a Mommy and Me deal that expires this week and includes the adult ticket, up to four children’s tickets, parking, and tickets to the dolphin show and 3D show for something like half of the normal cost of one adult ticket. It was such a good deal that I felt we couldn’t let it pass us by. And I wanted to spend some special Mama and Dibits time together, so we went by ourselves.

We had a really nice time. It was the first time we’ve seen the shows. The dolphin show was a wee bit cheesy, but I like cheesy and Dibits LOVED it. She randomly applauded about every thirty seconds during it. She also liked the 3D show, which (I am not kidding about this at all) featured an orange fish named Deepo. And his blue sidekick. Elizabeth thought it was Nemo and just called it that. The scene with the shark was almost the same as Nemo too. But it was a nice little movie and not as preachy about conservation as those shows can be. (I actually like conservation and think it is important and all but nothing makes me want to throw some trash in the ocean more than a smug little animated fish telling me not to.)

Anyway, this is the Georgia Aquarium and, if I am correct, the only whale shark exhibit there is, and that alone is worth the price of admission. Simply amazing.






For lunch, out of all the options, Elizabeth chose a giant pickle. Which was nice, since it was about $6 cheaper than a kid’s meal. The aquarium has a pretty nice restaurant and I understand that I am not only paying for the cost of my food, but also for the beluga’s lunch as well, but the prices there make me want to quote Jerry Seinfeld. “Don’t they know how much things cost everywhere else?” Tuna’s very rare here.