Last night, I woke up at about two and couldn’t fall back to sleep. I was awake until at least 4:47am and then woke up again at 5:04. Matt gets up at 5:45 and I heard him go. The dog started barking at six. I got a really good hour of sleep from six thirty until seven thirty when Elizabeth started yelling MOM MOM MOM. (And during that hour, I dreamed that I was at a wedding when one of the bridesmaids went into labor and I delivered her baby on the sidewalk after sending one of the groomsmen inside to get some clean towels and call 911. You cannot say that I do not keep my head during a dream crisis. And I hope this is not foreshadowing about the wedding we shall be attending this summer.)

The plus side is that I was already awake when Elizabeth woke up at two thirty. I wasn’t during the six o’clock wake up. But she went back to sleep and for that I am always grateful.

Anyway the point of this is not to whine (well, not the main point) but to ask you what you do when you wake up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep. I like to put on a DVD and try to distract myself but last night I didn’t want to disturb Matt because he had pretty much the same insomnia filled night the night before. So what are your going back to sleep tricks so that I can try them?