•I hosted a moms club craft today and only one person came. I am fairly certain that this is because this time I asked people to bring their own supplies. Last time, I had something like eight participants when I provided the materials.
•Last time, we made soft fabric balls. This time, we were going to make those pillowcase mattresses that are all over Pinterest. I made that one for Elizabeth and she loves it.
•BUT. The person who did come is a sewing/crafty person and someone I like a lot. So yesterday, when I saw that no one else had sent an RSVP, I told her to bring a stack of whatever she was working on. She did, didn’t bother bringing pillowcases for a mat (she could make one without my help in about four minutes anyway) and we had a nice day, sewing our active projects and chatting.
•I worked on Christmas presents. I am going to be READY this year. Ever since Elizabeth was born, I have actively been working on destressing Christmas. I read somewhere about someone who spends the 25th of each month working on her handmade Christmas gifts and I thought it was genius. I’m not fussing about the specific date, but I am trying to give about one day a month to Christmas.
•I considered buying toilet paper on Amazon and overnighting it here so that I didn’t have to go to the store today. I didn’t. And I didn’t go today either. I will definitely have to go tomorrow. I could have just gotten regular two day shipping and avoided this trip altogether.
•Dibits has been really well behaved lately. A very good listener.
•She is also still sleeping horribly. And now having trouble going to sleep at night. Everyone repeat after me: PHASE. It will end. I will sleep again.
•We got Hulu Plus and it skips so badly that we can’t watch it. Anyone else experienced this? Any solutions?