Jewelry Help

Internet, I need your help. (Please note, Jayme, if you are reading this, please stop now.)

Okay, so we’ve discussed the giant Christmas present box mixup that caused a whole bunch of our sent out Christmas presents to go missing for a while, reappear more than a month later, and then have to be broken down and shipped to other locations. The casualty in this whole mess was my future sister-in-law’s necklace. I got her a tiny little starfish necklace of Etsy because she’s getting married on the beach this summer and using starfish as decorative accents. But the package the necklace was wrapped in was super tiny and while we taped it to a bigger package, I was afraid it would get overlooked among everything else. I planned to make sure they found it on Christmas morning and if not, there would still be time to look through the wrappings for it. (Obviously, in retrospect, I ought to have put it in a bigger box.) But with the shipping fiasco, it did go missing and probably got thrown away with the packaging and I have no idea which house it even ended up at in the end. She wasn’t even aware that there was another present for her until it was too late.

Anyway, the whole point of this rambling is that I’d like to replace it for her. I bought some starfish charms at the craft store and I was thinking about making her something a little more complex. Maybe a bracelet with some other things on it too? But I am not sure. This is where you come in. What do you know about making jewelry? Or have you seen something cute somewhere lately that I could copy?

Here are the charms I bought already, but I don’t love them. The first one was much more elegant (but unfortunately, more expensive).