Friday Night Leftovers- Friday Edition

  • This morning while I was vacuuming, I found a tiny piece of plastic.  It was the end of the handle of my comb.  (The comb was my grandmother’s and is WAY better than any modern comb I’ve ever owned.  I’ve been using it since high school.)  But, BUT- I broke it when Elizabeth was about three weeks old.  I remember because I noticed it was broken when I pulled the comb out of my bag when we were having family pictures taken at Sears on Christmas Eve.  We’ve MOVED since then.  And I just found this tiny piece of plastic in the middle of the bedroom floor.
  • Before you suggest, I held it up to the comb and it fits perfectly.  It is absolutely the same piece of broken plastic from more than three years ago.
  • Elizabeth is entering that stage where she says “I yike girls.  I don’t yike boys!”  She’s not actually applied this to any actual boys, which is nice, since pretty much every friend she has is a boy.
  • Elizabeth has learned to read the words “EA Sports.”  (If you don’t know, that is a video game company.  They make sports games.)
  • If you don’t make your own laundry detergent, then what do you do when you run out in the middle of laundry day?  I had to make a new batch in between loads of laundry, but otherwise I would have had to go to the store.  Gah.
  • If you have a stain on a shirt, rub your stain remover on both sides of the fabric.  The stain is way more likely to com all the way out.
  • I don’t know if avocados are in season here or something, but they’ve been really good lately.  I made myself nachos for dinner last night just so I could eat guacamole with them.
  • Matt is actually going to be home for dinner tonight, unlike the last two Fridays where Elizabeth and I had sushi takeout and movie parties.  I was temporarily disappointed by this, but then he promised to take us out for sushi and hibachi.  So he’s forgiven and allowed back into the house.
  • Elizabeth has been sleeping better at night, but bedtime has become awful.  It is nearly impossible to get out of her room without her bursting into anguished tears and if she starts up, there is no end.  (She’s a tension increaser.)  Last night she didn’t fall asleep until after 9:30pm.  Matt and I were in bed by then and nearly ready to go to sleep.  And then, since she went to sleep late, she woke up extra early.  She’s still behaving fine during day, extra clingy and extra scared of things, but still- she needs her sleep.  And so do we!
  • (And by better at night, I mean for the last two nights.  It’s no streak yet or anything.)
  • There has been something wrong with my feed for the last few days, so if you missed anything, I’m just letting you know it is actually still there if you want to go back.  Especially the jewelry one, I need help with that.
  • Yes, I know my title is redundant.

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