This morning, when Matt was leaving for work a little before six, I asked him to go into Elizabeth’s room and push her back into the middle of the bed.  Her new bed has sides, but since part of it was broken when it was delivered last week, it was only about a quarter of the way set up and she’s been sleeping sideless for the last five days.  (The replacement comes tomorrow.)  I could see on the monitor that she was starting to creep towards the edge of the bed.  Matt agreed, with the usual caveat that he wouldn’t be in trouble if she woke up.

He left our bedroom and I heard a THUNK, followed immediately by hysterical crying.  As he was walking down the hallway towards her room, she fell off the bed in her sleep.  Matt said he opened the door of her room to find her walking in circles like a crazy person.  She took a while to calm down and had to have both of us give her cuddles.  We asked her if she had any injuries and she indicated that her forehead hurt.  I promised her a bandaid and tucked her back into bed.  She slept for another three hours (she stayed up LATE last night, a combination of the fact that she never sleeps anymore and Daylight Saving) and then when she woke up, I examined her in the daylight for injuries.

She had bitten her lip, but barely.  And she has a nice swollen lump over her right eye.  She won’t allow me to photograph it properly (plus, it isn’t THAT noticeable, we were out all day today and no one mentioned it) but here is the best I can.  Plus, she’s just cute anyway, lumpy or not.



One more night of sideless sleeping!  Knock on wood.