Elizabeth smashed her lip open last night by falling face first into a chair. You know those stories you hear about kids falling and biting completely through their lips? Well, she didn’t do that, but it was close. She has a (really gross) wound on the inside on her mouth and a bruise on the outside.

Last night, the bleeding stopped pretty quickly and she didn’t cry much, so we just let her be. Today, it was horribly swollen and the wound was really open. After discussion with the two other moms I was at Chickfila with, I called her doctor and took her in this afternoon.

Elizabeth still despises the doctor’s office. When I put her in the car, I didn’t tell her where we were going and she assumed we were going to Burger King. (We were going to go to Burger King in the morning, but got rained out.) I…didn’t correct her. So we arrived at the doctor’s office instead of the Burger King playground. She reacted better than I expected, but still attempted to bargain her way out. (My favorite was when she shouted “I want them to check Daddy’s lip, not mine!”)

After her sobbing at being weighed and having her temperature taken, she behaved quite beautifully for the actual doctor and was examined. The verdict was that she could heal on her own and didn’t need stitches. The doctor did examine her very closely and looked three different times, so I am glad I took her in, even if the treatment was to do nothing.

Also, the Dibits is majorly TOUGH. She hasn’t complained once about it hurting and she has been eating and drinking like normal. Even lemonade. I wouldn’t be able to speak if I had this thing on my lip.

Here is the best picture I’ve been able to get. It actually looks much worse in person but it is (unsurprisingly) hard to photograph.