Elizabeth got these fancy new pajamas from the Disney Store. She loves them.

Loves them.

So, she’s been wearing them an average of twenty hours a day. I can get her dressed to leave the house, but as soon as we get back and I turn around, she is stripping down to get back into her pajamas.

As a result of her always wearing her pajamas, I no longer have to change her into her pajamas at night.

So last night, I forgot to put a diaper on her. She’s been wearing a diaper only at night for about a year now. She ended up going accidentally commando.

She woke me up once last night, at 1:30am, and asked me for a drink of water. I gave her one.

At seven in the morning, she started crying and I went to get her. She hopped out of bed and urgently led me to the bathroom. I helped her with her pajamas and discovered the commando situation.

I’m impressed. I can’t make it all night without getting up to use the bathroom, let alone a twelve hour period locked in my room.