Friday Night Leftovers- Matt's Birthday Edition

  • Today is Matt’s birthday and the start of the two month period where I am Matt’s much younger trophy wife.  But it only lasts until June and then we will be the same age again.
  • Matt has requested a chocolate chip birthday cake today.  I don’t know if I can accomplish that without all the chips sinking to the bottom, but I will make a good attempt.
  • I got a spider bite (or something, but the best guess is spider bites) on my side about a week ago and it is probably the most painful bug bite I have ever had.  It actually woke me up one night.  It is a gross cluster of bites that look horrible.  It’s healing though.
  • The pollen count here has been ridiculous lately.  Apparently, 1500 is considered a ridiculously high pollen count.  We’ve had 5400.  It looks like it is snowing outside.  There are piles of pollen sticking everywhere.  Cars are covered in it.  It’s getting on our shoes.  Thankfully it rained last night and it raining now, so that is helping a lot.
  • Matt is either sick or has been taken down by the pollen.  I suspect the pollen.  So hopefully he will feel somewhat better today.
  • Since Matt is either sick or allergic, I’ve been sleeping in the guest room, to hopefully escape his germs (if he’s sick) and to let him get the best sleep he can (whether he is sick or just allergic).  We always do this when one of us gets sick.  And our neighbor’s dog barked at all hours last night.  (I can hear it from the guest room much better than from our bedroom.)  I cannot believe people let their dogs do that.
  • A friend and I took our kids to the park yesterday afternoon, right before the rain started.  They played nonstop for two straight hours and got thoroughly hot and tired.  When Elizabeth got into the car, she burst into tears of tired.  They had a great time.  And all three of them fell asleep quickly and easily last night.  In other words, we are going to the park every day from now on.
  • It is the season of consignment sales.  The problem with this is that I have gotten so good at finding deals on clothes for Elizabeth that she is starting to get too many.  I haven’t checked properly, but I suspect that she may already have too many pairs of jeans in the next size up.  (Which might be good, as suddenly this week all her jeans are too short.)  What I cannot find, however, is jean shorts.  They seem not to exist.  I do not get this.  (No, I am not going to buy jeans and hem them, I am too lazy.)  Anyway, two consignment sales that we may go to this afternoon (if I get Matt’s cake baked in time) and I will not buy anymore 4T jeans.  I will not.  No matter how cheap and cute they are.

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