One Way to Get a Clean Fridge

Matt and I have both been felled by some kind of respiratory infection. Elizabeth is fine still and thoroughly enjoying all her unlimited television viewing.

On Sunday morning, about eighteen hours into my illness (and some five days into Matt’s illness), I went into the kitchen and stepped in water. I was all tired and sick so I just figured that Matt had gotten a drink and the cup overflowed and dripped on the floor. I spent the next few hours lying on the futon in the playroom while Elizabeth used me as scenery in her games.

Later, I went and got to-go sandwiches for our lunch and stopped for some fast food nuggets for Elizabeth and some ice cream for all of us. When I opened the freezer to put the ice cream in until we were done with our sandwiches, I wasn’t hit by a blast of cold air. Instead, I got warm, musty, and dripping water.

Luckily, our fridge is still under warranty (until 2015, it has time to break again even) and since we are sick, we’ve been getting all takeout anyway and I hadn’t gone grocery shopping for this week yet. I saved a few things and drove them over to a neighbor’s house, but you can’t really fit two fridges worth of food into one fridge, so I just packed up the most expensive things. I threw everything else out, which was really depressing. (All those condiments!)

The repairman is coming tomorrow.