Illness Update

This update is that everything is the same. (I know, why bother writing it then, Jen?) Matt and I are still sick, Elizabeth is still well, and the refrigerator is still warm. Matt went to the doctor yesterday and got a bag full of medicine. I seem to be getting better on my own, but I suspect that is because I can put on movies and lie down, but Matt has to keep going to work.

We have been without refrigeration for days now and I have settled on a semi routine. We eat some boring and dry for breakfast, I make a grudging trip to the grocery store and buy a handful of things for lunch (today, I got me a bagged salad, Elizabeth a Lunchable, and a fruit cup for us to share), and we get something takeout for dinner. I’m sure we could do a lot better at having no refrigeration if we weren’t also sick, but we are feeling lazy and nothing really sounds good.

The fridge was supposed to be fixed this morning (and we stayed home waiting for the repairman who never came, causing us to not make our grocery store trip until almost one which made Elizabeth burst into tears in the produce section because we didn’t get a car cart, but really because she was starving) but due to this company being irresponsible and not showing up or calling, I’ve fired them and gotten a different company to come out tomorrow.

All I want is the ability to refrigerate milk. Really. Maybe a little guacamole.

In pleasant news, Dibits has a new adorable habit of saying “Mama, I need to cuddle you up!” And then she crawls on top of me, hugs me, and I squish her back and forth. The full body cuddle is the difference between a cuddle and a cuddle UP, you see.