Friday Night Leftovers- Refrigeration Whine Edition

  • Elizabeth keeps asking me to go back to the farm today.  I told her we are going to the park this afternoon instead.  Her response was “the park AND the farm!”
  •  The fridge is still dead.  The repairman came out on Wednesday, looked for ten seconds, and declared that he had to order a part.  I figure that Monday is the absolute earliest that we will have refrigeration again.  I would be delighted to be proven wrong, of course.
  • What it is about me that makes people tell me way more information than I need?  Would you like to hear about where the Samsung and LG factories are located in Asia?  The repairman told me all about it.
  • We are on Day Six with no refrigeration.  For dinner last night, I went to three different fast food restaurants.
  • State of the Illnesses: Matt is feeling better.  I am feeling better.  Neither of us is feeling great.  Elizabeth remains unscathed, but she did cough a little this morning, causing ominous music to play in my head.
  • We have no food really.  I haven’t been official grocery shopping in two weeks.  (I was due to go when the fridge broke and now, what is the point?)  I keep going to the grocery store and buying a few things at a time, but we don’t really have much in the way of real food.
  • So, a story for you.  Our fridge went out likely in the middle of the night on Saturday night.  I discovered it Sunday evening.  (It had to have time to melt and we were sick and not exactly cooking full meals.)  I called the warranty company immediately.  They booked a company to come out and fix it on Tuesday, from 8am until noon, telling me that this company would call me to confirm.  They never did.  Instead of calling them like I probably ought to have, I spent my time lying on the couch coughing.  On Tuesday at ten, I started calling the repair company to see why they had never called me.  I got no answer. I called again. No answer.  Again.  No answer.  I called our warranty company and they managed to get them on the phone.  The warranty company transferred me to them on the phone and they told me that they weren’t coming.  Then they lied to me and said they had been calling me since Sunday afternoon to tell me they weren’t coming.  (Proof: A) I have been home every second since then and also have caller ID on the phone. B) The appointment wasn’t even made until Sunday evening, so there is no way they anticipated needing to cancel my appointment before I even knew the fridge was broken.)  They rescheduled for Thursday afternoon.  I agreed, hung up with them, called the warranty company back, complained about this company and asked for another one of their contractors.  They found me someone who could come Wednesday and canceled my Thursday appointment for me.  On Thursday, I got back from the farm and found an answering machine message from the bad (and canceled) company saying that they couldn’t come this afternoon, but they had rescheduled me for NEXT WEDNESDAY.  Thank goodness I found another company to come out.  Or we wouldn’t have even gotten the fridge looked at until we’d been without refrigeration for a week and a half, at which point they would realize they needed to order a part.
  • As far as I know, they still think they are coming out here next Wednesday.  I’ll probably call them to cancel.  Eventually.  I don’t really feel that they deserve more consideration than they gave me.
  • State of the blog question: anything you think I should change?  Does it take too long to load? Do you wish I posted more pictures? Less pictures?  More of anything?  I am considering trying to take off the truncated feed for a while and see if the blog thieves have forgotten me.  (If you weren’t around then, I went to a truncated feed when I was having my content stolen every single day.  Blah.  But truncating the feed fixed it instantly.)  How is commenting working lately?  Have the problems been fixed?  I’ve been playing around with some things, but it is hard for me to tell on my own blog.

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