"I Yike You to Do It"

Elizabeth usually wakes up once or twice a night to ask for a drink of water.  For a while, I let her sleep with a straw sippy cup in her crib.  Then that cup started leaking.  I bought a new cup.  It started leaking.  I have no idea how this happened, as they didn’t USED to leak, but whatever.  So I just set her cup on her dresser and started going in when she’d ask for water.  When she moved to her big girl bed, she kept the cup next to her bed, but she still has no idea that she can get out of her bed at night (NO ONE TELL HER THAT) so she still called me for water.

Well, last night, I moved a stool into her room to act as a bedside table (I’ve been thinking about getting her a nightstand since we bought her bed, but haven’t tried hard and haven’t found one I’ve liked yet).  I had forgotten we had this stool that was the right height, but as soon as I remembered, I put it in there.  When I put her to bed, I set her water cup on it and informed her that now she didn’t have to cry at night to get Mama to bring her water.  She could just stick out her hand and get her own water!

She looked at me and wrinkled up her forehead with concern.  She said “I don’t think dis is a good idea.  I yike to cry and have YOU come do it.”

(She did get her own water last night around 3:30am.  She must have been stirring in her sleep or something and woke me up and I got up and went to the bathroom and saw her on the monitor.  Either that or I woke myself up and my walking around noise woke her up.  Either way, she didn’t bother me until morning.  Or almost morning.  We had a discussion at 6:45am about whether that was an acceptable time to get up.)