Friday Night Leftovers- Chicken Time Edition

  • Yesterday, Elizabeth went to an Easter egg hunt.  After we came home, she told me “Easter is over!  Now it is chicken time instead!”  So, I hope you guys have your chickens ready.
  • This really deserves its own post, but the fridge is still not fixed.  We are on Day Thirteen of no refrigeration with no real end in sight.  Well, the warranty company is going to replace the fridge instead of waiting for it to be fixed, which is all well and good, but we have to do an in-store exchange.  And the store we bought it from delivers to our area on Thursday.  We will keep trying and see if we can’t get something earlier, but GAH.
  • I went to the grocery store twice today.
  • Elizabeth falls asleep much faster when Matt puts her to bed.  I suspect if we had Matt put her to bed too often though, we’d lose that magic touch.
  • The dog is sick and has been (let’s put this delicately) leaking out of both ends.  All over the carpet.  I’ve been keeping my wet vacuum out permanently.  We gave him his first real meal in a day and a half tonight because he seems a bit better.  (And he was finally expressing interest in food.  Before this, he didn’t care.)  I hope I do not regret this rice and ground beef and that I do not see it again.
  • I had another (my sixth!) OB appointment on Wednesday.  I’m being seen by my regular OB and by the high risk doctor and they are both seeing me more often than normal.  So I am having about three times the number of appointments than your average woman.  (Normal women see the doctor once a month at this stage.  I am averaging once every eight days or so.)  They aren’t doing anything differently, but they are doing it a lot more often.
  • Everything was good at the OB appointment on Wednesday.  They didn’t do an ultrasound (I’ve had four of those so far- High Risk FTW!), but there was an easy to find heartbeat.
  • I’ve gained eight pounds so far.  Since I gain about four before I even find out I am pregnant, my doctor only knows about the other four.  I gain a lot of weight when I am pregnant, partially because I eat All the Food and partially because I start out pretty low and need to.  I think I gained 45 pounds with Elizabeth.  But my argument is that I lost it all within three weeks or something (I don’t actually remember) so obviously I need all the food.
  • I just ate the potato salad that I was saving for lunch tomorrow.
  • Quote of the Year goes to Barb, who when I emailed her that I was starving and eating ALL THE FOOD emailed me back and said “well, you eat a lot even when you aren’t pregnant, so I am not surprised.”  And she’s right.  I do eat a lot.  More than anyone who sees me expects that I can.  I like food, okay?
  • I sense, based on the last few bullet points that I am doing in stream of consciousness, that I am hungry and might need a snack before bed.  Mmm, a snack…

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