An Interesting Post

I was going to write something really interesting on here today.

But first my mom (who is still visiting until tomorrow) and I took Elizabeth to get her picture taken. We also did some shopping and had lunch at the mall. It took quite a while.

Then we stopped at the hardware store and bought the rest of the plants for the garden. And a pink princess shovel and rake, obviously.

After we got home, we forced Elizabeth to take a rest by making her watch television.

Then we planted the garden.

Then I spent a while calling around to different appliance repair shops. (We cut our losses, ditched the warranty company, and are striking out on our own.) I found someone who claims that they can order the part we need and have it here by Wednesday or Thursday. Unlike the original company, who has had two weeks and still claims not to know when it is coming.

Then I went to the grocery store. Like I do everyday.

Then I made dinner and we ate it.

And now I have totally forgotten what the interesting thing I was going to write about was.