Puzzle Girl

Lately, Elizabeth has become obsessed with puzzles.  I bought her a giant floor puzzle for her first one and a few months later, she got another set for her third birthday.  We’ve picked up a few more since then, but she could use a couple more.

It’s kind of strange to me that she is a puzzle girl.  She never sits still and she doesn’t like things like coloring because it is too stationary.  But for a puzzle, she will sit still for whole minutes at a time!

Puzzles are also great because she can do them quietly at the dining room table while the rest of us finish eating.  (Elizabeth eats one giant meal, one medium sized meal, and one meal where she refuses to put just about anything in her mouth at all.  So for that third meal where she is done eating in thirty seconds, she is still required to stay at the table with the rest of us.)  (Also, which meal is which varies each day and has nothing to do with what kind of food I serve.)

Her best set of puzzles are a wooden set made by University Press (I think, I looked it up a month or two ago) but they seem to be kind of a generic game making company and I do not know where to locate more of these puzzles.  The set I bought her (also wooden puzzles, in a similar box) from Walmart are terrible and not worth the very cheap price I paid for them.  I’ve had the wooden Melissa and Doug puzzles recommended to me, but we haven’t bought any yet.  Any puzzle suggestions for me?  I mean, for her?