Hug and Roll

When you watch television, have you noticed that couples on television tend to sleep touching?  The man is usually on his back with the woman tucked into his arm.

Well, like kissing in the pouring rain, I feel that this is something that does not happen in real life.  (Yes, I know, I will get all sorts of comments proving me wrong.)  Mostly, anyway.  I do happen to know of one couple that contact sleeps like that, but I feel that they are the exception rather than the rule.  Matt and I were discussing it last night.  We go up to bed really early.  Matt gets up before six every day and works a good eleven hours and he’s tired.  So we go up to bed, watch television together and then go to sleep much earlier than the average adult couple.  (If I see the clock say 10:00pm, it is rare.)  And when it is time to sleep, we retreat to our separate sides of the bed.  This conversation actually came up because of this exchange:

Jen: You touched my foot with your foot the other night when I was sleeping.

Matt:  I did?  Sorry.

Jen: Yes.  I thought about killing you, but I realized it was a short sighted reaction, even though you deserved it, so I went back to sleep instead.

Obviously, I am joking, but I really DO NOT like to be touched while I am sleeping.  (Yes, I have no idea how I co-slept with Elizabeth for so long.  Desperation, obviously.)  I am all for cuddling in the awake hours, but as soon as I am ready to sleep, GET ON YOUR SIDE OF THE BED AND STAY THERE.  I actually wouldn’t be opposed to Lucy and Ricky style twins beds for this very purpose.  Matt and I sleep with a giant pile of pillows in between us, which is actually to keep his fan from blowing air on my while I am sleeping (I do not like air touching me either) and I cannot stand it even when one of those pillows gets pushed too far to my side and ends up touching me.  The little dog was banished from our bedroom and now sleeps in the laundry room because he wouldn’t keep to his own side.  It was the greatest day of my sleeping life when we got a bedroom large enough for a king sized bed.  (Our current bedroom is actually ridiculously large.  I have considered getting us two kind sized beds.  And they would fit.  You could probably get three in our bedroom without a problem.  I suspect we’d start to look crowded with four.)

What are your sleeping habits?  Do you allow sleep touching or is it an offense punishable with the death penalty?