Friday Night Leftovers- Refrigerator Edition

  • I was going to post about getting the refrigerator fixed yesterday…but then we didn’t get it fixed.  There were a few hours where I kept opening it and saying “I don’t know, does it feel any colder to you?”  But it never did.  So I called the repair company, they came back over (almost right away, I was very impressed), and yeah, the compressor was blown.  If only the first repair company had told me that two and a half weeks ago…
  • So we bought a new fridge yesterday!  It is supposed to be delivered today.  I am an eternal optimist, so I believe it will come today.  But we will see…
  • It is supposed to be delivered between 1:30pm and 3:30pm.  (It’s 2:09pm right now.)
  • After buying a new fridge, we went to a buffet restaurant that we haven’t been to in a long time (if ever, I can’t remember).  It was really good.  I think we will add it to the rotation.
  • I am terribly, terribly behind on emails.  And bills.  I should probably catch up on the bills first.
  • Lots of people have asked me if we are going to find out what particular kind of baby we are having.  And my answer is yes.  And then, lots of people have asked me if we are going to tell what kind of baby we are having.  And my answer again is yes, but not until we are sure.  (Long time readers might remember that we found out with Elizabeth but didn’t really tell.  Or at least I didn’t tell until Dresden threw me an online baby shower and then I shared my registries.  Which had things with lace on them.)
  • No matter which kind of baby, it will need tiny socks that look like shoes.  Obviously.
  • Elizabeth loves red licorice.  LOVES.  But she calls them “red liquors.”  Which is hilariously awesome.
  • We are supposed to go to the park today and meet the neighbor.  But I will only leave the house after the fridge has arrived.
  • Elizabeth is in training to not interrupt me while I am on the phone.  It’s going fairly well.  She leaves me alone for about 75% of the calls.
  • A friend came over today and brought me a giant bag of chocolate.  I assume she went to an after Easter sale.  When she was over the day before, they asked me what I have cravings for while I am pregnant and I told them sweets.  (I have hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar, and I think my body compensates while I am pregnant by wanting ALL THE SUGAR.)  I also told them that I want ALL THE FOOD (likely another compensation for the low blood sugar).  So she went out and bought me a whole grocery bag of chocolate.  I think I am good for a WHILE now.  (Bags and bags of things like miniature Snickers bars.)
  • We have to go now because Elizabeth wants to water the garden.

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