The Internet Neighborhood

Two things.  I need a dress to wear to my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law’s wedding in June.  It is a beach wedding, in Mexico.  And I am not “officially” in the wedding, but I also kind of am, since I am Elizabeth’s escort down the aisle.  (She’s flower girl.  My FSIL (future sister in law) emailed me and said that they wanted to give me something to do in the wedding, no room for me to be a bridesmaid, they were thinking maybe I could walk Elizabeth down the aisle.  I emailed her back and said oh, don’t worry about putting me in the wedding, I wasn’t feeling left out at all, I don’t mind, but OH GOODNESS YES let’s have someone walk Elizabeth down the aisle because I have been kept up at night* worrying about her seeing all the strangers looking at her and refusing to walk down the aisle at all and instead collapsing into tears and dropping all the flowers.)

So I am the flower girl escort.  And I need a dress that matches but doesn’t match.  My thought was to find a dress with flowers or stripes or something that picked up the color the bridesmaids are wearing.  (They are wearing a gorgeous solid blue dress.)  If I find another blue dress, it won’t match, but it will be too close.  It needs to be formal enough, but also beach wedding appropriate.  And now, it also has to be a maternity dress.

I have looked at a few stores and I am finding NOTHING.  At one of the stores, the saleswoman suggested getting a neutrally colored dress (I am thinking a yellow or light pink or light green or something would work too) and picking up the bridesmaid’s color in my jewelry or a sash.  Brilliant.  But I haven’t found one of those either.

I still have until the end of May to hunt down this dress.  My first question is: do you have any ideas?  Have you seen the exact dress I am looking for? Where???

My second question is: do you already own this dress?  Preferably in my size?  (Size 2-4-6, small/medium, something like that.) One of my Ramona Quimby books has Ramona in a wedding and her mother is pregnant and borrows a dress for the wedding from a neighbor.  And in one of my favorite lines (as a grown-up, I didn’t get it as a kid) her mother says “a neighborhood only really needs one dress up maternity dress.”  So, internet neighbors, anyone have a dress I can borrow?  (Or buy or steal, email me!)

*Not really.  But I had been kind of thinking about how to make her do it.

P.S.  The groomsmen are wearing khaki, if that changes how you feel about anything having to do with what I wear.