Maintaining Status Quo

Firstly, our next internet hair bow class will be to make this adorable spring chick.  You know how everyone always says “well, you aren’t a spring chicken anymore”.  Now you can be a spring chicken.  (So go get your 3/8th yellow ribbon, 3/8th orange ribbon, and wee googly eyes.)

And secondly, let’s discuss how it is one thing to keep up with your work whether it be household work or salaried work, but a completely different thing to catch back up once you get behind.  With the whole respiratory illnesses and fridge disaster, I got about two weeks behind on things That I Do.  And good grief.  I do really well at maintaining status quo.  I can take Elizabeth to an activity pretty much every single day and still have all the housework done, all the bills paid, all the emails returned, all the to-do list checked off, and all the dinners made.  But if I get behind, IT IS ALL OVER.  Once I am behind, I have to fight for weeks to catch back up.  Do you have the same problem?  And I am currently fighting this fight to catch back up.  I thought I would be caught up today, but I think it is going to be Friday instead.  (We have all day plans tomorrow.)  And on Friday night, we have company coming!  It’s easy company (my brother-in-law, he’s not high maintenance, he just likes me to make a lot of food), but that will put me a bit behind again.  It is a never ending cycle, I swear!