Friday Night Leftovers- Really Random Edition

  • Elizabeth has been clinging to me for most of the morning.  She is currently on my lap (in her slippery, slippery pajamas, so she keeps sliding off, which she thinks is hilarious so she’s not trying to prevent it) and I have to keep both my arms on either side of her.  (“Close the doors, Mama!”)  Which is fine when I am typing because that is where my arms go, but when I want to scratch my nose or the like, I get yelled at.
  • She just asked me to cut her fingernails.  I had mentioned that we needed to do that today, but I think she wanted me to do it now so that I would pay attention to her.  Which I will accept, any time I can cut fingernails without having to fight for it is a good time to cut fingernails.
  • Today is another Catch-Up Day.  I think, if I work hard today, I may finally be back to homeostasis with housework and the like.
  • I had a grapefruit for breakfast that came from the produce co-op.  I like grapefruit, I really do.  But it is really a lot of work for not a lot of reward.  I like to eat breakfast with one hand and read with the other.  Grapefruit doesn’t really allow me to do that (I have to pay too much attention to it) and then it also gets little splatters of squirting grapefruit juice on my book.
  • Our Disney trip is pretty much all planned.  We made a lot of restaurant reservations this time.  Mostly character dining.  Elizabeth was less excited about the rides on the last trip and more excited about the characters.  And I always like food and lots of restaurant reservations goes along nicely with my plan of Eating All the Food.  (I am hungry normally, but I am HUNGRY when I am pregnant.  I mean, I will steal food off your plate.  I will steal food off a toddler’s plate.  I have stolen food off a toddler’s plate.)  So the character dining will let Elizabeth cuddle all the characters and let me eat all the food.
  • Matt bought me the 2012 version of one of those giant Guide’s to Disney books.  I suspect that we are not the target audience for this book.  I have been spending most of my time disagreeing with them, saying “duh”, or pointing out their mistakes.  (The authors of this book have obviously not been to the princess dining at Norway in Epcot in a LONG time.)
  • To make up for waking up at 3:00am yesterday morning, Elizabeth slept until 7:50am this morning.  She normally gets up right at seven, so that was at least forty-five extra minutes there.  Matt didn’t have to go in until late too (he’s at a conference today, not normal work) so he got to sleep in until then too.  (And for someone who normally gets up at 5:30am, almost eight is rather late.)
  • Elizabeth (still sitting on my lap, now playing with the nail clippers) is singing “what once was mine! What once was mine!”  If you recognize those lines, I suspect you’ve watched Tangled a lot too.
  • I get up and get dressed first thing every morning.  I always have, it is just what I do.  I don’t wear pajamas unless I am sleeping.  However, I have a really bad habit of not brushing my hair until I am ready to actually leave the house.  Sometimes this backfires to me forgetting to brush my hair at all and leaving the house.  Once, I went to a party.  That I organized and was “in charge” of.  With the messiest ponytail of all time that I did not see until I got home six hours later.

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