Trying to Look Busy

I am at yet another doctor’s appointment. And the stupid people in the waiting room are trying to make small talk with me. I do not enjoy pregnancy small talk with “regular” people. (I’m at my high risk peri’s office, but the OBs in my town now refer all their patients here for their twenty week ultrasound, so every time I come here, the waiting room is full of people all excited to find out if it is a boy or a girl.)

So, I am typing away here, trying to look busy so that I don’t have to talk to them.

Here is a picture of my current view.


Hmm, I hadn’t noticed that the rug was that stained until I took that picture.

And here is what I look like RIGHT NOW.


I come here a lot, so you can see that I always get the good leather armchair.

There is always terrible television playing on the tv.

Someone always breaks the no kids rule and brings their kid. This one is crying.

My appointment time was forty minutes ago and I got here ten minutes early, so I’ve been waiting almost an hour.

Every time I come here, I wait more than an hour. No matter what time of the day I come. My record is almost two hours.

Yet I come early every time.

I am so glad that I have such a nice neighborhood friend to trade babysitting with. (And that that friend lives within four minutes of my house and within three minutes of this office.) Elizabeth was so excited to go to her friend’s house that she refused to get out of the car during the half an hour after we got home from lunch before it was time to leave.

Do you have any idea just how much work I can get done with a half an hour to myself in the house?

ALL THE WORK. That is how much.

I am making ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce for dinner tonight. All the stuff we missed by having no fridge at Easter. My brother in law lives with all bachelor boys and he always wants cooking when he comes to visit. He requested meatloaf and lasagna on this trip. I made meatloaf last night and am substituting ham for the lasagna tonight.

I bought the biggest ham the store had. For leftovers. But I also doubled my normal meatloaf recipe last night and had fewer leftovers than usual.

I really need to get a haircut. For me and for Elizabeth. (Matt shaves his own head.) Maybe I’ll take her in tomorrow.

I bought a water table from Toys R Us yesterday. (Just in time for the coldest weekend we’ve had in months. It was in the low forties this morning. Elizabeth was SAD.) I was going to get one of the cheap ones, but they had some tropical island one on sale. Original price $79.99, a coupon for that specific table at $20 off, and then a regular coupon for $10 off. They let me stack the coupons, so I got the whole thing (umbrella included!) for $49.99.

Dibits played with the table with a few inches of water in it in the kitchen yesterday and had the best time.

I also just bought Elizabeth this special detangler hairbrush. I always see it on those deal of the day baby sites, but I actually found one cheaper (and with free shipping) on Amazon. It works remarkably well. However, it straightens out her curls pretty thoroughly and makes her pretty frizzy. So I have to use the detangler brush and then fix her hair so it looks nice.

Oh, look, I actually got called back.