Friday Night Leftovers- Morning Edition

  • I do not like coffee or tea, but I do appreciate a nice cup of hot chocolate in the morning.  As does the Dibits.
  • I just got my triple screen results from the high risk nurse.  (Or whatever they are calling that test now.  Sequential screen?  It was triple screen before.)  My age risk for Downs was one in 650, the test lowered it to one in 10,000.  My age risk for trisomy 18 was one in 2,500, the test lowered it to one in 10,000.  And my risk for an open neural tube defect was one in 5,800.  So that’s good.
  • We are going to the park for a picnic today for lunch.  We are supposed to leave in less than half an hour.  Elizabeth is not dressed, I have not made any food (chicken nuggets to go, anyone?), and I am in the middle of a whole pile of work.  We are going to be late.
  • My hips and joints are already aching this time.  They started early with Elizabeth too, but I don’t think it was this early.  I do remember when I was pregnant with Elizabeth and I asked the doctor about the hip aching, she kind of shook her head and basically said “well, if it is starting this early, you are kind of screwed…”  Only she used a more professional phrasing.
  • While I was pregnant with Elizabeth and the hip aching started, I did eventually learn how to deal with it and it got better and went away.  It took a double thickness of featherbed underneath me while I sleep, a very thick pillow between my knees, no sitting on hard surfaces ever (I carried a tiny pillow around with me in a bag for a while, I was classy), and no crossing my legs.  I’m working on those things now, and it is a little better already.  It takes me a while to get out of the habit of crossing my legs while I sit, and I no longer have the featherbed from before, so I need to get another one.
  • I’ve been picking up all the snacks for the trip.  A friend and I drove downtown to Trader Joes yesterday.  Some of those are not going to make it until departure day.  Particularly the shortbread cookies with the chocolate in the middle.  It’s terribly sad.
  • Today is my Must Catch Up day.  I know, I said that last week too.  And then I didn’t do it.  But today I am racing Dresden to see who can be more productive.

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