Disney Prep- Snacks

In the Disney series, this is where I recommend packing your own food.  If you are traveling with any sort of child anyway, we never did when we were adults Disneying alone.

For all the snack ideas in the world, I recommend this post.  It has all the snack ideas that you will ever need.  Possibly for the rest of your life.

I like to pack the snacks instead of buying them because this will save you lots of money.  The price of multiple snacks per day really adds up.  Not only in money terms, but this will save you time.  Packed snacks are grab and go while you are walking around, and purchased snacks mean that you have to find a kiosk or restaurant, stand in line, wait, pay and then eat.  With a bag of snacks, you are long done.

When we drive to Disney, I also buy a case of water bottles and a case of Capri Sun type juice boxes.  I keep them in the trunk of the car and I pull a few out before we go into the parks every morning.  I’d recommend doing this even if you don’t drive down and have to go to a grocery store upon your arrival.

An alternate plan is to take refillable water bottles with you and just keep filling them up during the day.  We’ve done this once or twice, but it doesn’t compare to the convenience of the grab and go of the water bottles and the juice boxes.

I recommend the pouch style juice boxes because I like how they fit into our bags more easily.  They are more malleable and you can squish them into corners more easily.

For carrying snacks around the parks, I have a small fabric lunch box.  It’s slightly insulated, but I always take non-perishable snacks anyway.  When it is super hot, I do like to freeze a couple of juice boxes and some of those squeeze pouches of applesauce, so that we do have cold items, but I don’t have to worry if they melt because they are shelf stable.  We’ve taken perishable snacks with us to the park, but I didn’t feel it was worth the extra trouble so I no longer bother.  Anyway, my lunch box has a long shoulder strap and I hang that over the handles of the stroller so that I can grab a snack out of it without fumbling with the bigger bag.  I don’t actually even have to stop walking to get out a snack.

I would also suggest packing a variety of snacks, including plenty of treats.  Vacation is a time for treats and I always try not to overdo it because too many treats leads to yuckiness, but sometimes when someone (Elizabeth) is hot and cranky and tired, a well placed lollipop or packet of fruit snacks can save us from a meltdown where a plastic baggie of Cheerios cannot.  However, I always put all the “forbidden” snacks and treats into a reusable fabric bag (like these) and put that into the snack bag so that she cannot see them when I open up the bag.  Otherwise, she wants lollipops the first time I open the bag at eight in the morning.

If you are driving, pack waaaay more snacks than you think you’ll need.  I usually take a laundry basket full.  And we never eat them all, but it is great to have tons of things to choose from and we just bring the leftovers back home with us.  If you fly to Disney, you can either stop at a grocery store when you get there or ship a box to yourself in care of the hotel.  Then you can buy what your family likes ahead of time and package it all up into individual serving sizes, and be ready to go when you arrive.  Call ahead, but most hotels will give you a mailing address and hold a package for you until you arrive if you follow their directions for doing so.

Any snacking questions?