Disney Prep- What to Wear

No matter what time you go to Disney, you want to dress as comfortably as possible and weather appropriately.  Don’t worry about looking fancy, since you’ll be sweaty and disheveled by the end of the day just like everyone else.  I always recommend comfortable running shoes, no matter what the weather.  If you are a die hard sandal or flip flop fan, then I leave it up to you if you want to wear them in the summer.  But make sure they are sandals or flip flops that you would put on to go for a ten mile hike.  (That’s right.  The amount of walking at Disney is estimated between five and fifteen miles a day.)

When we go in cooler weather, I have the dorkiest pullover jacket in the world.  It is comfortable and has enormous pockets.  I can carry just about anything in those pockets.  The jacket smooshes down into one of the pockets and makes itself into a pouch.  To be clear on the unstylishness of my jacket, I wore it when I was eight months pregnant with Elizabeth and you couldn’t tell I was pregnant.  But it is exceedingly practical and fabulous for park wear.  I suspect when we outgrow strollers and diaper bags, I may become the dorky mom who wears one of those vests that looks like a fishing vest, with all sorts of pockets to hold things so that I do not have to carry a bag.  (Unless you have a stroller, bags are annoying.)

Now, the important part of what to wear.  Children can (and should, in my opinion) wear costumes.  I highly recommend that they be weather appropriate (I see poor children sweltering in long sleeves in the summer) (though I suspect the parents gave in and allowed them to wear it, rather than made them wear it) and I declare that they shall wear their normal shoes.  I cringe when I see kids in dress up shoes that don’t fit at the parks.  (Although, again, I suspect it wasn’t the parents’ idea, but shoes are a putting your foot down sticking point for me.  Like I said, ten miles.)

My favorite choices for costumes are ones that you can buy off Etsy and such because most of the time, they are made out of a cotton fabric and are lots more comfortable than the “official” costumes.  I just found a new Etsy store that I love (two dresses on their way to us, so my full review after I actually get them) and I’ve always coveted these adorable Cinderella short sets.  (However, we will not be buying the short set because OH MY HEAVENS THE PRICE.)  Embroidered Disney shirts of Etsy are also adorable and a great idea.

Buy your costumes before you go to Disney, even if you want the official Disney costume because they are at least $15 more per costume in the theme park than they are in the Disney Store or online.  (And they are pretty expensive at the Disney Store and online.  Another good reason for Etsy, a lot of the time the costumes are way cheaper.)

However, you don’t need to dress up in Disney clothes, of course.  I see kids in random costumes all the time and even in character pajamas.  Also, there are plenty of kids that wear everyday clothes too, most of the kids in fact.  But I think (and Elizabeth definitely agrees) that costumes are part of the fun.