Disney Prep- Attitude

One other thing I recommend if you are taking young kids to Disney is preparation.  We always talk everything up a lot before we go.  We talk about how we are going to drive in the car for a long time and then we are going to sleep in a special Disney bed that will not be the same as our beds at home and then we will go to Disney!  I also spend lots of time in the weeks leading up to the trip on YouTube.  Someone has posted a video somewhere on YouTube of everything at Disney.  If you have a toddler or child who is not absolutely delighted by surprises, I suggest you get yourself to YouTube and preview everything you are going to be doing.  Elizabeth sits on my lap and we watch videos of the restaurants we are going to be going to, the characters we are going to meet, and the rides we are going to go on.  (Yes, people videotape the rides all the way through and then upload them.  Some are quite theatrical.)  We watch the shows we are going to see.  If she isn’t pleased with something on the video, you can bet she’s not going to like it in person.

Just be wary of promising anything.  When we watch the videos, I say lots of things like “yes, that is Cinderella!  I hope we get to see Cinderella too!”  Everything at Disney is “subject to change” and “subject to availability”.  Rides close for maintenance, characters take a sick day and are replaced by someone else, and sometimes things are just too darn crowded.  So don’t say “and we will absolutely ride Dumbo, I promise!”  (Especially Dumbo, the lines for that are insane and it’s been closed lately for the Fantasyland update.)

Now, here is one of my most important pieces of Disney advice.  You are going to have a great time.  You are also going to be incredibly annoyed and frustrated with your family.  Disney is great fun.  It’s also hot, crowded, expensive, full of lines, and tiring.  You will be hungry and tired and you will all get mad at each other.  Kids will act like they have no idea just how much you are paying for this whole thing and what do they mean they just want to go back to the hotel pool?  So don’t try to do everything in one day.  Don’t have the Disney or Bust attitude.  Yes, you obviously want to get your money’s worth, but if no one is having fun anymore, go back to your room.  It isn’t any fun when people are being FORCED to have fun. You’ll never make it to everything so it is important to accept that and enjoy what you do get to do.  Take lots of breaks, drink lots of water, and rest when it is needed.  Go in with the attitude that there are going to be inconveniences and delays and things that just don’t work.  If you are prepared for everything to not be exactly perfect, you will have a much better time.

We are leaving tomorrow for our trip, so I will do some more posts with Disney advice when we get back.  (Particularly that stroller etiquette and probably just a plain old Disney etiquette one too.  We’ll see how much people annoy me while we are there.)  If you are interested, you can check out my Twitter or follow me on Instagram (HereWeGoAJen, obviously) because I tend to put things on there when I get a chance.  (I also suspect there will be a lot of pictures of food.  Prepare yourself.)

Any final preparation for Disney questions?