Friday Night Leftovers- Disney Bound Edition

  • I am pretty much packed and ready to leave for Disney.  After a few car snafus, we have a plan.  (Matt’s work is on the way to Disney, so normally he leaves his car at home, gets a ride to work, I pack the car during the day, and Elizabeth and I pick him up at work and we leave from there.  Only his normal ride to work is out on paternity leave and messing up our whole system.  Rude, I call it.)
  • I love online banking, by the way.  I am taking the bills with me to pay via my phone in the car.  Modern technology is glorious.
  • We are going to have no proper internet in Florida, we think.  So it will be all cell phone access for me.  I wasn’t even going to take my laptop with me, until I realized that I need it to download my camera pictures on to, or I will be limited to the amount of photos my camera memory card can hold.  Well, clearly 518 pictures is far too small a number for a week, so the laptop is being packed.
  • Elizabeth is VERY excited.
  • We have a very early breakfast reservation for tomorrow morning, at the Polynesian, to have breakfast with Lilo and Stitch.  Elizabeth’s Lilo dress (that she begged for after hearing that she was going to meet the REAL Lilo, that I went to three different fabric stores looking for fabric to make one (Lilo is an old movie, dresses are no longer commercially available), couldn’t find, found one one Etsy, and begged the lovely woman to send it as quickly as she could) arrived yesterday afternoon, in the nick of time.
  • Speaking of the Lilo dress.  The woman who sent it has a two week waiting list.  I found her website about eight days before I needed the dress.  I asked her if it was possible and she said maybe.  Then she got it to us just in time.  (And shipped it from Hawaii, so she really made it up very quickly indeed.)  I linked to her shop once before in my Disney prep posts, since her dresses are lovely and quite reasonably priced, but such wonderful and quick service deserves a second link.  Here she is!  And I put her business cards in my pocket to hand to anyone at Disney who asks me where we got the dress.
  • I do love Etsy.  I’ve only gotten screwed over once on Etsy.  (That shop is now out of business and rightfully so.)  Everyone else has been delightful and helpful and wonderful.
  • I have a whole laundry basket of snacks packed up in the car.  Plus a case of water, a case of juice, and a case of Matt’s powerade.  However, I did realize that I packed very few snacks that I actually like to eat myself.  Oops.
  • Elizabeth woke up at 5:30am this morning because she was so excited.  I coaxed her back to sleep for a little while.  But you can see why I have no problem thinking we can make a very early breakfast reservation tomorrow morning.
  • I will need lots of you to be entertaining on your blogs and on Twitter for me today, as I have an eight hour car ride in front of me.

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