Vacation Sleep

A lot of people we know will go away for the weekend or take a couple days to visit family, but since Elizabeth was born, we’ve tended to just stay home as much as possible.

She is such a high needs kid that she really doesn’t do that well out of her comfort zone. We understand her very well and balance and manage her needs really well, so most people think she’s pretty easy going and think we are crazy that we won’t just zip down to the beach for a long weekend.

But let me explain something here. This morning, I woke up and exclaimed that I had just had my best night of vacation sleep since Elizabeth was born. And during that night, she woke me up at 11:30pm, was delivered into Matt’s room to sleep with him (by previous arrangement), I tried to fall back asleep, couldn’t, started coughing (I have a canker sore on the back of my throat- it’s starting to heal and kind of itching and making me cough at night when it dries out), tried to ignore the coughing to not wake up all the way, coughed myself into throwing up, had to scrub the carpet at midnight, and then woke up again at 6:30 in the morning for good.

So I am calling a single six hour stretch my best vacation sleep ever. When the night included vomiting and carpet scrubbing. That is how poorly Elizabeth sleeps when we aren’t at home. (Heck, when we are at home, she wakes up a couple times per night a couple of days a week.) This Disney trip is only really doable because we stay at a relative’s house and we each get our own bedroom. We have a family wedding in Mexico next month where we are all going to be sleeping in a single hotel room and I am having nightmares just thinking about it. (Well, I would be having nightmares if I got enough sleep to dream.)

(Side note: yes, you read that right. At this house, I get my own room with a queen sized bed, Matt gets his own room with a queen sized bed, (Matt is very tall, we do not fit into a single queen sized bed together. We had one for the first six months after we were married and I had dreams of being smothered every night.) and Elizabeth sleeps in an office. She used to sleep in a pack and play, but on this trip, I brought down a hand me down toddler bed and bought Barb’s old crib mattress and we are just going to leave that set up here. It would be a glorious set up if Elizabeth would just SLEEP in it and leave the rest of us to sleep as well.)

So we just all stay home as much as possible. I like my house. You are welcome to come visit us there.