Character Adoration

We’ve put some effort into finding characters for Elizabeth to meet on this trip, since that is one of her favorite things. We went to Epcot today and spent the morning doing rides and activities and then the afternoon walking around the World Showcase, looking for characters. We met quite a few too. We started with Allison, whom we’ve never met before. (You may think her name is Alice, but you would be incorrect. Her full name is Allison Wonderland. Just ask Dibits.) Then we were the first people in line to meet Aurora when she came out. (Dibits: thrilled. “Just me first? No other kids? Just me?) Then we met Jasmine and Aladdin. It was our first Aladdin and the only other time we’ve seen Jasmine was on Tuesday. So both very novel and exciting. (We’ve seen Goofy and Pluto so many times we are starting to get tired of them. I’m barely bothering to take pictures of her with them anymore.)

Anyway, one of my favorite part about this trip is that several times, I’ve overheard the characters mentioning “behind the scenes” how much they like Elizabeth or how sweet she is. (Goofy told his handler, in sign language, while we were walking away that he loved her. Aurora at lunch told our server. And Aladdin and Jasmine were talking among themselves as we walked away.) Tons of people have complimented us to our faces here (wait, that sounds awfully braggy of me to say- she’s just a sweet girl and also adorable, she’s easy to compliment in passing, especially when she’s all dressed up in her Disney finest.). But there is something special about it when I overhear something nice being said about her that isn’t directed at me.

She’s an easy girl to love too, if you are dressed up as one of her favorite characters. (And if she knows who you are, you are one of her favorites.) She is dressed in something cute, typically a princess dress or a Minnie Mouse costume. She stares in awe until it is her turn. Then she runs at you. She either goes right into a hug or stops a foot or two away to stare in more awe. She answers your questions in an amazed-at-her-luck whisper. (If you are a talking character anyway, if you are a headed character, she maintains a respectful silence and maybe gently touches your whiskers.) She often does things like oh-so-delicately touching a character’s cheek or stroking their hair. Today, she was sitting on Aladdin’s knee and stroking Jasmine’s arm. She has absolutely no doubt that you ARE the real one and that she is the luckiest little girl in the whole world to be meeting you. (She thinks you are lucky to meet her too, of course. She always says that the characters met her instead of her meeting the characters.) She always says thank you, gives hugs and kisses, and tells you that she loves you when it is time to go. (Though that usually takes prompting. She is too busy with the adoration to remember that it is time to leave.)

All this adoration does make for more difficult pictures however. It’s nearly impossible to get her to look away from the character towards the camera and she almost never smiles because she is looking awed.

You’d never know this child was deeply in love with these two, would you?