Friday Night Leftovers- End of Vacation Edition

•We are leaving tomorrow morning. Matt wants to leave super early so that we will get home with lots of daytime to spare.
•So we are getting up at 5:30am.
•Needless to say, I packed the car tonight.
•Vacation was really fun and we had a great time.
•But it was one of the worst vacations ever for sleep (and that is saying a LOT). Also, it was the first vacation where Elizabeth slept in a bed, not a pack and play.
•If she weren’t too tall for her pack and play, even lying corner to corner, I would have popped her right back in it.
•She never gets out of a real bed (thank heavens!) but I guess she feels more secure with walls around her. So she wakes up crying a lot in the toddler bed here.
•It was also probably the most difficult vacation we’ve taken in terms of Elizabeth’s behavior. She acted so very Three on this trip and she really doesn’t at home.
•I’m never traveling again.
•We go to Mexico in less than four weeks.
•After we get back from Mexico, I get to the gestation point where my doctor starts to restrict my travel. So after that, we are never leaving the house again. At least not until Elizabeth learns to sleep.

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