My birthday is coming up soon and people have started to ask me what I want for presents.  (It’s June 2nd.  That’s like two weeks or so, right?)  The problem is that I really have no idea.  I know I want a blender that actually works.  (And as part of the present, I want someone else to do the research and pick out said blender so that I don’t have to spend any time reading reviews.)

I am also starting to think of what baby stuff I want this time around.  Let’s be honest here, all the baby stuff I have in mind is a want, not a need.  We have pretty much everything used for Elizabeth, so the need side is covered.  But there are some “luxury” items we didn’t get last time that I have my eye on this time. You may add your recommendations and opinions.

  • A swing.  I don’t know why we never bought a swing last time.  We really should have, I think.  But Elizabeth would never let me put her down anyway, so maybe it wouldn’t have been used at all.  I want one that plugs into the wall so that it doesn’t keep eating batteries.  But besides that, I have no swing experience.  Do you have a favorite?
  • An Ergo.  We have several different carriers/wraps from Elizabeth and I could not have lived without them.  I think I want to upgrade to an Ergo this time.
  • A mai tei.  Another wrap.  But a friend has said she’s going to make me one this time.
  • A pouch sling.  But another friend has said I can have hers.  (Yes, there are a lot of carriers/wraps on here, plus the five or so I already own.  You heard what I said about never being allowed to put Elizabeth down, right?)
  • Cloth diapers.  I sold/am selling all my old ones, simply because I want to play with them this time.  Last time I bought two of every color of the BumGenius 3.0s and left it at that.  This time I want to try out lots of different brands and get all the cute patterns and yippee!  (I would have absolutely NO objection to being given all fancy cloth diapers for my birthday presents.  In fact, I may just ask for that.)  This time I have decided to go with primarily snap diapers and I am attempting to buy all one-size all-in-ones.  That limits my selection a bit, but I am persevering!  I already have three new ones that are SO CUTE I WANT TO EAT THEM.  (Yes, I get a bit weird around cloth diapers.  You are required to love me anyway.)  I am still buying all neutral stuff, but we will likely do a type-of-baby reveal pretty soon.  (We’ve known what kind of baby since, um, Matt’s birthday, which saavy readers will realize is before we told anyone I was pregnant.  Early, in-depth ultrasounds are one of the benefits of being all high risk and seeing a perinatalogist every ten minutes.  They can measure the angle of the genital tubercle, which gives you pretty good accuracy.)
  • A new nursing cover.  I hated the one I had with Elizabeth so much that I donated it.  It was polyester and SO HOT under there.  I loved the shape of it (it was like a shoulder cape type thing that went all the way around me and I could tuck it under my elbows to keep Elizabeth from kicking it off), but the fabric stunk.  I’d like one in silk or cotton or something this time.  But I don’t know where to start looking for one.  (I know that nursing under a cover is a hot button topic, but I liked it and Elizabeth needed it when we nursed in public because otherwise she just looked around and didn’t eat anything.  Heck, I had to use it if we were in an unfamiliar room, even if we were totally alone.)
  • More cloth diapers.
  • A white noise machine.  Also, I have no idea where to start.  We just used a fan for Elizabeth.

So, let’s hear what suggestions you have for these things.  Or any other ideas of Must Wants for baby items.