Baby Pool

So, I am entertaining myself with a baby pool.  And you have to fill it out now, before we do any type-of-baby reveals.  (I will possibly do a second one later, but this is the good one.)

I do realize that I am being a bit unfair, by not giving out my actual due date and that makes it harder to guess.  So I will just have to give a bigger prize to the winner.  I will tell you that the baby is due in October, Elizabeth was born 13 days late, and I guarantee a baby before Halloween.  (P.S.  The game forced me to give a due date, so I didn’t change the one they had in there.  It is in no way correct.)

So, there will be a prize for the winner, with the closet guess.  (There will be another prize for the known-sex pool if I do that one later, but this one will get you a bigger prize.)  Prize to be determined later and there is no guarentee of when I will mail it to you.  (It was majorly handy when Dresden won the Elizabeth pool because I just took her prize to her when I went up for her baby shower and saved myself all that trouble.)  (I gave her a Grover onesie.  Had you won, it’s likely that you would have gotten something other than a Grover onesie.)

Okay, let’s go!