There is apparently a small percentage of children who do not get sleepy when they take Benedryl. Instead, it has the opposite effect and they get wound up and hyper.

Want to guess which percentage Elizabeth falls into?

She was all coughing and sniffling today (all of us are, I think it was the switch between Georgia pollen, to Florida pollen, and back again). After a while, I finally caved and gave her Benedryl. Her allergy symptoms cleared right up.

And she just got all mean, cranky, and belligerent for the rest of the day.

She’s always had this reaction to Benedryl. When she was smaller, it tended more towards the hyper, now that she’s a little older, it tends towards the mad at the world. (Not that she takes it often. I really have to have a good reason to want to put up with mad Dibits all day.)

It’s probably a good thing though. If I had this poor of a sleeper and Benedryl actually made her tired like most kids, it would be way too much of a temptation every night.