And a Small Reward for Your Troubles

First, an minor order of business.  On this post, only guesses in the “official” baby pool on the outside website will count.  I am way too lazy to go through the comment section and figure out the winner.  On that website, I just enter all the actual information and it tells me who the winner is based on a points system.

And, this is totally useless information for probably a lot of you.  But for the people who it will matter to, will be eternally grateful to me.  Sometimes an occasion arises where it is appropriate and prudent for Elizabeth and I to stop at McDonalds for breakfast on our way to something else.  And I will now tell you what the perfect McDonalds breakfast food are.  I order one order of two McGriddles for $1 for Elizabeth.  And I order one bagel with cream cheese for $1 for myself.  And I order two bags of apple slices for a total of $1 and we each eat one.  And for three dollars, I have fed both of us.  The plain McGriddle cakes (they sell them as sandwiches, but frankly, that thought disgusts me) are the perfect car food for small children.  (Apart from being terrible for you, I am sure, but look, we are talking McDonalds for breakfast, I know what I am getting into.)  They aren’t particularly messy and they are nicely self contained and I’ve yet to meet a child who won’t eat them.  (I won’t.  I don’t particularly like them.)  The bagel with cream cheese is just a plain, toasted bagel with a little container of cream cheese.  It’s not greasy like almost everything you get at McDonalds.  (Not that I am knocking a little grease.  I enjoy a good Egg McMuffin.)

Anyway, often these items aren’t on the dollar menu, but I’ve found that if you ask for them, they do have them.  It took me quite a while to determine the perfect McDonalds car breakfast and I’d like to save you that trouble.