Friday Night Leftovers- I'm Thirsty Edition

  • I am tired.  For no real good reason either, I’ve been getting a fairly good amount of sleep.
  • I am absolutely not going to jinx anything by saying it out loud, but let’s just say that we are getting back to where Elizabeth’s sleep normally falls.  It’s not good compared to your average three and a half year old, but it is good for our three and a half year old.
  • I officially now have a nicer maternity wardrobe than regular wardrobe, thanks to two lovely friends who are done having children and are the same size as I am.
  • I took a few of the maternity things that didn’t fit me to the consignment store (I asked the friend who gave them to me and she didn’t want them anymore, so I offered to take them to the consignment store for her and bring her the money) and they only took three things.  They offered me $4.55 for them.  And while they were looking over the things, I shopped and spent $40 on Elizabeth’s shorts for summer, a new book, and a snap and go stroller.  It kind of worked out in the consignment store’s favor, I’m just saying.
  • I went to Lowe’s today and got two giant pieces of wood cut for the top of the dog crates.  It cost me $8 and now I have flat surfaces which is going to greatly improve my storage options.
  • By the way, this may not be true universally, but someone on my blog once told me that Lowe’s is better for customer service for the average consumer and Home Depot is better for the contractor/building site person.  And it is totally true here.  I drive twenty minutes to Lowe’s, even though there is a Home Depot five minutes away.
  • We are going out to hibachi tonight.  Yum!  We haven’t been in a month or so.  Elizabeth still calls it “rice and fire” from her two highlights of the trip from when she first learned to talk.  If she named it now, I think she’d probably call it “shrimp and steak and chopsticks.”
  • I have two lovely loaned maternity dresses for the wedding in a few weeks, one for the wedding and one for the rehearsal dinner.  (And Sandy, did I ever email you to tell you that it arrived?  I have a nagging feeling that I did not…)  Elizabeth is all set.  And I am sure I can hunt something up for Matt to wear.  So I think we are good.  Plus, all our passports and tickets and such are in order.  (Now that we are back from Disney, I need to start obsessing over the next thing we have to do.)

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