I am working on cleaning out our garage because I would like to put a garage freezer in there.  I do a lot of batch cooking already (for example, I never make just one lasagna, I always double or triple and freeze the extras) and if I had more freezer storage, I could do more.  So to do that, I need to get rid of about one shelf.  It shouldn’t be too much of a problem, I can do some consolidating and throwing away, and some of the baby stuff that is stored out there is about to come back inside to go back into rotation.

But this brings me to a question.  What have you done with your old yearbooks?  Between the two of us, Matt and I have a whole box of yearbooks.  We haven’t even opened that box for a few moves, so according to my Laws of Organization, that means that something needs to be done with it.  It is a worthless box if it is never opened.

My current thought is to go through the yearbooks, pull out or photocopy the pages that are relevant to us, and get rid of the rest.  We went to a giant high school and the yearbook is enormous.  I am on about two pages of it.  Matt is probably on four.  So that is about three hundred other pages that are simply not relevant.  Neither of us has been back to that town or high school since we graduated (pretty much anyway) and we aren’t sentimental about it.  (Neither of us liked that high school at all.)  It’s not like we are going to be going through the yearbooks later with our children, wiping away tears, talking about how we miss those times.  For reference of how big that school was and how we knew such a small percentage of it, the two people who sat on either side of me at graduation, alphabetically, after I attended the school for four years, I had never seen before in my entire life.  Not once.  Never heard their names, nothing.  Total strangers.

On the other hand, it seems somehow wrong to get rid of yearbooks.  It seems like something that I should care about, even if I don’t.  I open the floor to you, internet, for brilliant ideas of what I can do to whittle down a whole box of yearbooks that are currently taking up too much space and doing no good.

*For the record, the last time I asked something like this, about the coffee maker, I got rid of the coffee maker, even though almost every single person told me to keep it.  It was the way everyone said “even if you never use it, if you have one tiny space of shelf left, keep it.”  And that is totally against my organizing principles.  If there is no use for it and it is never used- it goes, even if there is tons of space to store it.  It takes energy to organize and upkeep a house and the more things you have in it, the more energy it takes.  (And if you absolutely need to know, from that post, I bought a rice cooker, like it, and haven’t done anything about getting or not getting a food processor.)