How to Make a Million Breakfast Burritos

Okay, maybe not a million, but I made about fifty breakfast burritos today.

Step one: Tear off a sheet of foil for each burrito and lay it on the counter.  I actually bought a big box of those pre-cut ones, that they use at restaurants, and it was so worth it.

Step two: Put a tortilla on each sheet.

Step three: Add a pile of cheese.  I used cheddar.

Step four: Add your breakfast meat of choice.  (Or don’t, if you are against breakfast meat.)  I used bacon, sausage, Canadian bacon, and ham.  Not all in one burrito though.

Step five: Add a spoonful of scrambled eggs.  I tend to need a little less than one egg per burrito.  However, today I only bought two and a half dozen eggs for making fifty burritos.  Sometimes I forget to do math.

Step six: Add breakfast potatoes.  I only do this some of the time.  And I don’t tend to put them in Matt’s burritos.  You can also add any cooked vegetables that you’d like.  I considered tomatoes this time, but I didn’t want another step.  You might like onions and peppers.  But I hate peppers and I only eat onions if required.  I don’t go out of my way to add them on purpose.

Step seven: Fold one end of the burrito up (so that the stuff doesn’t leak out when you bite into it) and roll the whole thing up.

Step eight: Roll the foil around it.  If you make more than one kind (I make burritos for Matt with low carb tortillas and burritos for me with the much cheaper high carb tortillas), use a sharpie to mark which are which on the outside.  Warning!  Do not poke your sharpie through the foil and into the burrito!  (I didn’t actually do this, but I accidentally went through a layer of foil or two and got dangerously close.)

Step nine: Put burritos in freezer.

Step ten (later): Take burritos out of freezer, unwrap, microwave, and eat!

Step eleven: Repeat far too soon, because Matt loves breakfast burritos and I will be lucky if the ones that I made today last us a month.