Friday Night Leftovers- Furniture Moving Edition

  • A friend and I went to the zoo today.  I love going places like that with someone who is the same speed as I am.  (I went with the moms club once and I thought I was going to die because they moved at like a quarter of my usual zoo speed.  I considered picking up a stick and whacking them all in the back of the legs to get them to move more quickly.)
  • This baby is a much less kicky baby than Elizabeth was.  Besides the worrying aspects of that, I am hoping it means that perhaps this one will be a little more mellow?  Because we could tell that Elizabeth was full of SPIRIT and ENERGY while she was still inside.
  • Last night, Elizabeth and I read Goodnight Gorilla before bed.  Then she asked me to go get a real gorilla to sleep in her bed with her.  I said sure and told her to close her eyes and go to sleep while she waited for me to come back.
  • I have a slightly higher than average fear of the large ape species getting human level intelligence and taking over the world.  Have you seen how muscly they are?  They could crush us.  (Needless to say, I most definitively do not go see any of those movies.)
  • I am starving.
  • I am always starving now.  I ate a rather big lunch at noon, had a large chocolate chip cookie at about 1:45, and here we are about an hour and a half later, and I am about to make myself a nice bowl of spaghetti casserole.
  • Speaking of spaghetti casserole, I made this one from Pinterest last night.  Yes.  Do that.  Only I would probably use a non-spaghetti pasta next time and I would also heat the cream cheese before putting it on the spaghetti.  It was supposed to melt from the heat of the hot spaghetti but it didn’t quite and it was a huge pain to mix in.
  • We are reorganizing furniture and rooms in order to make space to store another human being in this house.  So we are getting rid of a dresser and a bookshelf and I have this friend who thinks I am being so generous to give them to her.  Really, she doesn’t realize that I am like “YES I DO NOT HAVE TO ARRANGE FOR TRANSPORT MYSELF!”  She hasn’t noticed that she is actually doing all the work and doing me a favor.  (I already tricked her into taking a small desk, an end table, and a coffee table.  I win!)
  • Every few minutes, Elizabeth asks me to get her some candy.  Now she is asking me for jelly beans.  Perhaps the non-specific requests for general candy were not efficient enough.
  • Elizabeth and her two friends in the car all took off their shoes and socks on the way home from the zoo today and wore them on their hands.  Nothing so funny has ever happened before!
  • I told Elizabeth she could have candy when her daddy gets home.  (That is my usual delaying technique for lots of things.)  So she asked me to make her some dinner, I think in the hopes that it would magically move time along.  (Daddy comes home at dinnertime, you see.)

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