Friday Night Leftovers- Another Vacation Edition

  • Well, in just a few days, we leave for a trip to Cabo, to see my brother-in-law get married.  Elizabeth is flower girl and Matt is best man, and I am the flower girl’s escort down the aisle.  What I am trying to say is that we are involved in this wedding.
  • I believe everything is about ready for the wedding.  We have everything we need to have, I finished the pre-wedding shopping this morning (I was not satisfied with my wedding shoes), and I shall be packing on Tuesday.
  • Because, ha!  We get to get up around five am to fly to Mexico on Wednesday.  Elizabeth can probably sleep until 5:30am.  I’m sure she will be delightful on an international flight when she’s been awoken a good two hours earlier than usual.
  • I’m packing lots of fruit snacks.
  • My birthday is tomorrow.  I received a birthday card in the mail today and I was like “what is this for?”  My birthday isn’t that much of a big deal to me, apparently, based on how many times I have forgotten it exists.
  • You don’t need to tell me happy birthday now or anything.  I will obviously mention it again tomorrow.
  • I do enjoy the part of my birthday where I get to pick all the restaurants and activities without any guilt.
  • I just gave Elizabeth the last apple for a snack.  It looked really good when I got it out and I considered giving her some ice cream or something so I could eat the apple.  I decided that would be bad parenting though.
  • I got out that giant box of yearbooks today and started going through it.  You guys, I really could not care less about most of them.  I had a couple of school years that I enjoyed and think upon fondly (I went to a private American school when we lived in England and that was pretty awesome) and I going to keep those ones.  But the high school and middle school ones?  I flipped through them and I cannot even remember 99% of the people who wrote in them.  I am sure it is different for people that didn’t move all the time like I did, but seriously.  One of these yearbooks I am not even IN because I moved there after the yearbook deadline.  Why should I bother?  I will remove the good pages from them and save those in my scrapbook of Things That Are Too Big for Photo Albums.  (I need to make a label for it that says that.)
  • And yes, a couple of people on the yearbook post remembered that Matt and I went to the same high school.  Yes, we were at the same high school and in the same year.  So we have duplicate yearbooks.  (Not eight though. I am not sure where they all are.  At some point, I am sure we had two complete sets.  I think only a few of Matt’s were recovered from his parents’ house.  (And my sister and Matt’s little brother went to the same schools, two years behind us.  I believe for several years, we have access to four identical yearbooks.)
  • Speaking of yearbooks, this is a specific bullet point to my mom and my sister.  If either of you wishes to recover my yearbooks, you are welcome to them.
  • Do we suspect that soon yearbooks will become obsolete?
  • Elizabeth and I stopped for ice cream today after our errands because I still had two ice creams left on her birthday ice cream gift card.  (By the way, I found a little gift card for ice cream to be a delightful birthday present for a three year old’s birthday party, in case you need one.  She got a $15 card and we get to have ice cream something like five times.  I think.)  She had a vanilla with gummy bears.  When we finished it, she said that was not enough ice cream and not enough gummy bears.  I told her too bad.  She attempted to negotiate.  I told her that we could come back tomorrow.  She disagreed at first but was finally beaten down.  On the way out, she looked into the cooler of giant ice cream cakes and suggested that we just get one of those to go for her to try.
  • Speaking of ice cream gift cards, I intend to some day write a post with ideas for creative gifts for people you don’t know that well.  (Though our particular ice cream gift card came from a good friend and a great gift.  But I thought, upon receiving it, that it would make a great “I don’t really know this child particularly well” gift.)  I have intended this for quite a while.  So start thinking of your ideas.

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