Cruise Director

I am usually the one among our group of friends here who makes the plans.  You know, I’m usually the one who sends out the email that says “hey, want to go to the zoo on Wednesday?” or “anyone up for the park this week?”  And every so often, about once or twice a year, I lose my motivation to do that and I taper off.  I remember doing it last year in November or December and I’ve been doing it lately, with our two trips so close together.

So basically, since I haven’t been doing it and no one else has been doing it, I haven’t seen anyone except the two friends who did actually call me in more than a month.  Oops.  It’s not like I am too busy or avoiding anyone or anything like that, but since I ended up passively not making any plans and no one else did either, I haven’t seen anyone.  I’ll have to get my motivation back when we get back from our trip or Elizabeth will forget all her friends’ names.