Off We Go!

Tomorrow, we are headed on an airplane to Mexico for the wedding.  I’d like everyone to immediately begin sending prayers and good vibes that Elizabeth A) behaves herself on the flight there (the almost FIVE HOUR flight), B) does not ruin the wedding, and C) behaves herself on the flight on the way back.

Oh my goodness, I have imagined out so many different scenarios that frighten me about her being in this wedding.  Most of them involve screaming at the beginning of the aisle and refusing to walk down.  And as long as the screaming isn’t prolonged and I can get her out of there quickly, that won’t be the end of the world.  But, oh, the things that could happen that are too terrible to even imagine…

But don’t worry, there will be cameras and video cameras there.  No matter what happens, it will be well documented.

See you guys later, when depends on the whole internet situation in the foreign country!