So, we are here. In related news, Matt does not like to travel.

Here is what Dibits did on the plane.


That is a paint with water book. Yes, I am a genius. Interesting, not particularly messy, and would have been great if she were one of those arty children. But she did paint a whole picture. That’s probably a record. If your kids are more inclined to do art things, I recommend this.


A puzzle!


And then you flip the puzzle over and color it with the markers that are included in the set! Or you let your daddy color it while you passively watch. Whatever.


Then you and your daddy put the puzzle together!

Or just your daddy. And you don’t even pay attention.


You can also spend some quality time reading the emergency card. Lest you think we play favorites, we also read all of Skymall and the words on the airsickness bag.

She really was very good on the plane. Very good. But she was still a three year old trapped on a plane for more than five hours. And, oddly, one who refused to watch movies.

*****It’s pay Internet here so I don’t know when I’ll have it and when I won’t. So don’t panic if I disappear without warning. That is one of the downfalls of daily posting- it freaks people out when I don’t and I get concerned emails. 🙂 *****