More Trip Details

When we got to the resort, our room wasn’t ready yet, so we went straight to lunch (hauling the suitcase with our wedding clothes in it behind us, not willing to let it out of our sight).  Elizabeth was too excited to eat anything.  “Mama! There’s a pool!  Right there!  And water right here!  RIGHT HERE!  Can I touch the water? Can I walk in the water? Can I touch the water now? How about now? Can I touch the water now?”  Before Matt and I were halfway through with lunch, Elizabeth had taken off her shoes, put her sock feet into the pond in the restaurant, taken off her socks, stood in the pond, and then demanded to get her swimmy suit on so that she could swim properly.  Plus, now the bottoms of her pants were wet and why couldn’t someone do something about that?

She spent the rest of the trip demanding to go in the swimming pool right now.

We ended up with a nice room, in a really central location, which made it a bit noisy at night, but the convenience of being two steps away from everything totally made the extra noise worthwhile.  Our room was called a junior suite, which meant that it had a bedroom with two queen beds, with a sitting area.  But no way to shut a door or anything, just one open room.  I ended up turning the loveseat in the room against the wall and putting a blanket and a pillow on it and it made a perfect Elizabeth sized bed.  She couldn’t roll off because it was basically a couch crib and she really liked it, especially after we made a big deal out of how lucky she was to get to sleep on a SPECIAL bed in the SAME room as Mama and Daddy.  She actually ended up sleeping remarkably well the whole trip.  The second morning, she ended up in bed with me at 5:30am, but besides that, she actually slept through the night in her own “bed” the whole time.  (SHOCK.)  We had some problems with adjusting to the time difference (two hours earlier) since we were going to bed much later than normal, especially considering the time change, but it really didn’t end up being a problem.  (Again, SHOCK.  We randomly hit this trip in the middle of one of Elizabeth’s rare periods of good sleep and it carried over pretty well.)  (I didn’t just mention the good sleep on the internet.  Pretend you didn’t see that.  ANTI-JINX SPELLS!)

There really wasn’t that much to do at the resort.  We never set foot off the resort property except for the trips to and from the airport.  Other people from the wedding did day trips, like horseback riding and boat trips and snorkling, but we weren’t particularly interested in spending money on something that would be difficult to do with a three year old.  So our main activity was to go to the pool.  We got there on Wednesday and spent a little bit of time in the pool that afternoon.  On Thursday, we spent a good portion of the day in the pool with tons of people from the wedding.  For a while, the whole group played pool volleyball.  Elizabeth had obtained an floaty inner tube and learned how to work it, so she paddled around the game, going up to her adult of choice one at a time, wherein they would stop playing and pay attention to her.  (A casual game of pool volleyball, with no scores being kept and people coming and going and changing teams all the time.)  At one point, she paddled over to me (I was sitting on the edge of the pool, due to a combination of pregnancy and height factors, I was not particularly comfortable in the pool, so I sat in about waist deep water most of the time, which was lovely and comfortable) and declared “Mama, I would like to do some spins and have everyone clap for me.”  And so at the next break in volleyball action, I announced that for her, she did some spins, and everyone clapped for her.  And that is an excellent example of how much attention Elizabeth got on this trip.  There were something like thirty adults around and she was the only child.  Plus, a few of our better friends had left their own (younger) kids at home and were missing them and craving a bit of baby time.  Let’s just say the Dibits had a good time.

This was the day that Matt and I got sunburned, even with sunscreen on, and Elizabeth got two tiny burns under her eyes where I missed sunscreen in an attempt not to get it in her eyes.  She looked like a little red raccoon.

Thursday was also one of the best dinners while we were there, as we ate in the fancy Italian restaurant with a table full of my favorite people and I had a fantastic plate of linguine carbonara and then a lovely steak stuffed with provolone and prosciutto.

Friday, we awoke to discover how sunburned we were, so we only went to the pool for a very short time that day and spent the rest of the day trying to stay in the shade.  I took Elizabeth down to the beach for a while and let her dig in the sand.  (The sand really wasn’t very nice.  It was too coarse and very dusty.  Not pleasant at all to walk in.)  We also flew her kite that I found at Target that matched the one from the book Ladybug Girl at the Beach.  (Elizabeth was DELIGHTED.)  We spent a lot of time in the room that day.  The wedding rehearsal was in the morning and went quite smoothly, except for us discovering that Elizabeth could not walk in her flower girl shoes.  (The bride bought them and brought them with her, so that was the first time she wore them.)  We decided to try them with socks and although they were slightly less cute, she was able to walk without stepping out of them.  In the afternoon, there was a wedding cornhole tournament on the beach, so we went to that.  Elizabeth decided that you can win by standing directly next to the hole and dropping the beanbags in.  Matt and I teamed up against the bride and groom and beat them.  I actually played rather well and I mention that here because I normally am very bad at things that are physical and require precision.  (Very bad.  Very, very bad.  My skills come from my head.)  We played a few of the other games available (they had bocce ball and a single miniature golf hole as well) and then went to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.

The rehearsal dinner was at the same Italian restaurant that we ate at the night before, so that was delightful.  I ate a repeat of my dinner from the night before, only a slightly different steak that wasn’t as good.  We were broken up into tables of four, so the three of us ate with Matt’s youngest brother and he is always enjoyable.  After dinner, the bride and groom and their fathers made speeches.  Elizabeth looked with approval upon the clapping that followed these speeches and declared afterward that she would make a speech too.  Since it was only our two families there, we let her.  She went up, looked blankly around for inspiration, and we suggested that she sing and dance instead.  She sang the theme song from Jake and the Neverland Pirates and spun around and around.  When she finished, everyone clapped.  Then she did it again, louder this time, and everyone clapped again.  Then she did it a third time, got more applause, and declared that she would do it again, but Matt and I made her quit. After the rehearsal dinner, we met up with everyone else in the lobby and had drinks and talked until Elizabeth started to get mean and whiny.  I tried to keep her up a bit that night because the wedding was the next night and I was trying to get her as adjusted to the time zone as possible.

The next day, Elizabeth and I did some more beach digging and sitting in the shade in the morning.  Then we went back to the room and picked up Matt (things I am not mentioning in my recap are that everyone who wasn’t three or pregnant went out drinking until the wee hours of the night every night, so Elizabeth and I went to bed much earlier than Matt and he did a lot more sleeping in than we did) and went to the pool.  We played in the pool for a while and then went back to the room and ordered room service for lunch.  (The lunches weren’t particularly great at the restaurants, getting them from room service was an improvement.)  Elizabeth ate properly for one of the first times since we had been there (Elizabeth and the available food didn’t really line up and she did a lot of picking and not much good eating) and then fell asleep on her couch with a bowl of potato chips balanced in front of her nose.  Matt got ready and left for his part of the pre-wedding, then I got ready, and then I woke Elizabeth up from her nap, and well, I already wrote about the angry and belligerent child that woke up from that nap.

The last day, we had breakfast and basically just walked around saying goodbye to everyone because our shuttle to the airport left at ten that morning.  We rode to the airport with two other couples, one of which was the minister that married Matt and I (and also did this wedding, obviously) and his wife.  Elizabeth continued to insist on adult attention from Not Mama and Daddy the whole way to the airport and chattered happily the whole way.  She did better on the airplane ride home than she did on the way there (but she did fine on the way there too, so it wasn’t much of a difference, just a little more magazine time for me).  We landed at seven, it took quite a while to clear customs and immigration, and then we had to shuttle ride to our car, and then drive home, so we didn’t get home until ten.  (We live pretty far from the airport.)  Elizabeth didn’t even get to bed until eleven and I fell asleep before she did that night.

It was really a very nice wedding and it was really nice to see some people that we hadn’t seen in a very long time.