Pictures from the Wedding

So, yeah, I totally failed at pictures of the wedding. As in- I didn’t take any. Not one. But luckily, my two friends did and they uploaded them for everyone to see. (Thank goodness. Or my blogging license would have to be taken away.) I am also hopeful that at some point I will be able to get my hands on the official ones too.

Clearly, these are in no particular order.

This is Elizabeth before Thursday night’s dinner.


This is a picture of Elizabeth before the wedding as I was attempting to turn her into a pleasant child.


Matt and I before Thursday night’s dinner.


Elizabeth dancing with the bride at the wedding.


This is pretty much what we did the whole trip.


All of us before dinner on Thursday.


There are more pictures but all the ones I downloaded properly wouldn’t upload, so these are screen shots on my phone from Facebook. I will give the better ones another shot eventually.